Nara Fire Ring

NARA, The Story.

Stephanie Daniel

Nara Escape was founded in 2018.


Enamored by nature, inspired by a love of the Saharan desert and unique experiences, Stephanie Danial, the Founder and soul of Nara, had the desire to share her passion for the desert in the form of bespoke and unforgettable desert experiences.


The name Nara was born from the initials of Stephanie’s four sons, Neil, Adam, Ryan and Adrian.


In Arabic, Nara denotes a small, sparkling fire.


Stephanie heralds from a financial background and worked as a Private Banker for over 16 years. Resident in Dubai since 2010, Stephanie has successfully managed to combine her acute sense of organization with the raw beauty of the Dubai deserts to create unique and bespoke experiences.


We are proud to announce that we have been selected to operate our camps inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.